Are you looking for truly personalized service? At Prosser's Auto Body, we're not just your average auto body repair shop. Our years of experience and extensive knowledge, together with our concern for your best interest, is what sets us apart in the industry. Do you feel that you're being taken advantage of by your insurance company? Are you overwhelmed by all of the fine print when renting a car? At Prosser's Auto Body, we can help.

From an appraisal on a new car, a classic car, an antique car, or any one-of-a-kind vehicle, Prosser's Auto Body can provide you with the perfect market value appraisal. We are fully licensed in the State of Pennsylvania to perform any and all vehicle appraisals.

If it exists, we can find it. Let us locate the vehicle of your dreams.

We provide estimates on all types of car damage. We will deal directly with your insurance company and keep you fully informed.

Consumer Rights
Do I have to use the repair shops suggested by my insurance company? Do I have to accept aftermarket parts to repair my car? We can answer these and many other questions you may have concerning your rights. Here at Prosser's Auto Body, your best interest is our main concern.

Insurance Inquiries
The world of insurance coverage is a road of confusion. Many questions come to mind:

Is my damage covered?
Is it comprehensive or collision coverage?
Is my insurance company telling me everything?
Can I get a rental car?
Do I have to pay for a rental car?
Where do I get a rental car?

Prosser's Auto Body will put all their years of experience to work for you. We will answer any questions you may have about your insurance coverage and your rights concerning your insurance coverage.

Rental Assistance
As an added benefit to our customers, we will answer your questions concerning a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired. We will explain your rights and advise you of any pitfalls of car rental. We will even contact a rental agent and make arrangements for a rental vehicle on your behalf.

Total Loss Evaluation
Have you been told that your car is totaled? Do you disagree? Want a second opinion? At Prosser's Auto Body, we will be happy to review your insurance company's report and prepare our own evaluation of the damage. If our report differs from the insurance company report, we are able to contact or provide you with the information for you to contact your insurance carrier to discuss the differences and request a reevaluation on your behalf.

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